Can landlord be charged for perjury?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Alexandria, VA

Can landlord be charged for perjury in a civil case, Landlord and I went to court and lied and I have proof. How can I bring Perjury charges against landlord?

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  1. Answered . You can not file a criminal perjury charge. Only the Commonwealth's Attorney can. Make an appointment with the intake officer at your local Commonwealth's Attorney's office and present everything you have. These charges are rarely brought but if your evidence is sufficient and depending on the Commonwealth Attorney, you may have a chance.

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  2. Answered . Perjury charges are not brought by private individuals. In fact, unless the charges are very serious, they are rarely brought at all. If your landlord's lies significant;ly influence the outcome of your case, you might be able to have the decision reconsidered. However, you need a lawyer. You should have had one to begin with and the lies would probably not have been admitted into evidence.

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