Can immigration fees be waived?

I have very little money, and these fees put a strain on me. .

Santa Monica, CA -

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Neil Ian Fleischer

Neil Ian Fleischer

Immigration Attorney - Cincinnati, OH

You file a fee waiver on Form I-912

go to to obtain this form

Neil I Fleischer (513) 977-4209 Note: Neil Fleischer is an attorney licensed in the State... more
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Jamahl Calvin Kersey

Jamahl Calvin Kersey

Immigration Attorney - San Diego, CA

There is a I-912 fee waiver. See the link below to see if a waiver is available to you.

Jamahl C. Kersey (619) 399-3662 is an Immigration and Criminal Defense attorney licensed in CA. The answer above... more
Curtis Frederic Pierce

Curtis Frederic Pierce

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Agree with my colleagues. Be prepared to disclose your income and expenses and last tax return.

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