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Can ICE arrest you for no reason?

Sunnyvale, CA |

After reading about ICE workplace and home raids, it appears to me that ICE does not need reasonable suspicion or any reason to arrest somebody. Can they arrest you for no reason?

EDIT: Apparently another attorney answered a similiar question and it appears they do need probable cause to arrest somebody. Here is the link:

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  1. Of course not! When ICE conducts a raid they are not arresting people for nothing, they are arresting people for being in the country illegally.

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  2. You can read about the ICE power to arrest in the federal regulations, 8 CFR Sec. 287.5 Exercise of power by immigration officers. It is available online at

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  3. You are exactly correct, the ICE does not need any criminal pretext of a criminal reasonable suspension or probable cause as it enforced U.S. federal administrative law that does not require criminal burden of proof, therefore, the ICE may enforce it at work places, home raids and other places where any undocumented aliens may gather.

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  4. "Arrest" for no reason?

    "Detain" to inquire as to someone's immigration status? Yes.

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