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Can I visit my boyfriend (U.S. citizen) in jail when I'm not an U.S. citizen and I overstayed my visa?

Santa Ana, CA |
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Is it important for them? I don't want to get arrested or send back to my country. Is it risky to go there?

I have valid passport and driver's licence from my country.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Better not risk it! Also, you will not be admitted without proper valid ID and can only ask to visit on weekends (family & friends visiting days).

    Lastly, to be able to visit, your friend would have to put you on his "visitors" list. Again, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

    Behar Intl. Counsel 619.234.5962 Kindly be advised that the answer above is only general in nature cannot be construed as legal advice, given that not enough facts are known. It is your responsibility to retain a lawyer to analyze the facts specific to your particular situation in order to give you specific advice. Specific answers will require cognizance of all pertinent facts about your case. Any answers offered on Avvo are of a general nature only, and are not meant to create an attorney-client relationship.

  2. Not a great idea.

    (213) 394-4554 x0 Mr. Shusterman is a former INS Trial Attorney (1976-82) with over 35 years of immigration experience. His response to your question is general in nature, as not all the facts are known to him. You should retain an attorney experienced in immigration law to review all the facts in your case in order to receive advice specific to your case. Mr. Shusterman's statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship.

  3. My advise would be not to try it. It is like entering the lion's den.

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