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Can I vacate my apartment without a 30-day notice if I have a bed bug infestation?

Long Beach, CA |

I rent an apartment on month to month basis. My apartment has been infested with bed bugs for a few months, the apartment manager has inspected it and confirmed the problem. After going to the actual property owner a month later, they now want to rip up my carpet and fill the place up with chemicals that can be harmful to my pregnant girlfriend. My couches are ruined and my bed has to be thrown away. Can I move out without having to give a 30 day notice and am I responsible for next months rent?

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This appears to be situation that could be perfect for a surrender agreement between you and the landlord, in which you agree to vacate the property and both sides agree to release one another from claims under the lease they may have against the other.

Of course, you could make claims for damages due to the bed bugs, and they could make claims for rent, and you could both fight over who caused the bed bugs in the first place.

See if the landlord wants to start repairs and then agree on a date for you to vacate, and memorialize everything in writing, including the landlord's waiver of claims against you. You can have an attorney put together a short surrender agreement in a little time, and it could be well worth the effort.

Nothing in this answer shall be construed as providing legal advice or counsel, and is general information only. A proper response would require the revew of all pertinent information, which the responding party does not have access to. Any action taken by the recipient or any other person in reliance on this general response is at their own risk and the recipient should contact counsel of their choosing to discuss in greater depth.



Thank you very much! This sounds like the perfect solution.



So I had to pay another months rent cause landlord wouldn't agree to a surrender agreement. They want me to let them treat my apartment while I'm still living there. Even after I toldhim my girlfriend was pregnant


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