Can I use only savings account money as a form of affidavit of support (I-864)? Do disability checks count as well?

Asked 10 months ago - New York, NY

My husband doesn't have a steady job (musician) but he gets disability checks. Those checks don't meet the minimum requirement of 125%, it would be about 10k short, but I could have my family transfer to our joint account the 30K we would need (3 times the difference) to use as assets. Will just having that money in our account do or would they still give us a hard time over him not having a tax return and not having a steady job? Do we have to show that we've been having the money for a while or is it OK if it's recently transferred? We can't seem to find a co-sponsor and even if my husband gets a job right now we'd have to wait a while for him to have the tax returns and we can't afford to wait. Thanks.

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  1. Alexander Joseph Segal

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    Answered . Complicated question of income v. assets. Disability checks would not constitute assets. They would constitute income instead. Saving from those, on the other hand, would constitute assets.

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  2. Sean M Neary

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    Answered . Combining assets to meet the income threshold for the affidavit of support can be complicated. Consult an immigration attorney for advice/assistance in completing this form. It is possible to use a sizeable asset to offset the difference, but it must be clear that this asset is entirely available for the benefit of the applicant.

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  3. Heather Louise Garvock


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    Answered . Simply transferring money to make it look like you have more money than you do won't work. When using savings to supplement income, you should provide 12 months of statements. If USCIS sees that 20k suddenly appeared in your account, they are going to wonder where it came from. If you say a family member they may require additional evidence from the family member.

    Have you considered using a joint sponsor instead?

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