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Can I use my virtual business address for my LLC's Articles of Organization document in CA?

Cypress, CA |

Is it legal to use my virtual business address under section 3 ("LLC Addresses") on my Articles of Information? Rather than my home address? The virtual address is located in California, but in a few cities over. And this is an online business.

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  1. You need a physical street address for the LLC for section 3a of the Articles of Organization. However, if you prefer having a separate mailing address, you can enter that in section 3b, and that is where your mail will be sent.
    Please remember, though, that the LLC-1 form is the FIRST document you need to do, not the ONLY document. You still need an Organizing Agreement, issuance of membership certificates, and other things. It would be a very good idea to have a lawyer help you for all that. 510-208-5500. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is not legal advice, because it is only of a general nature. Please contact a lawyer qualified in your jurisdiction to discuss your situation in confidence, using your factual details. Avvo answers are only general legal responses. Item 9 of's Terms and Conditions are incorporated in this disclaimer as though it were printed here.

  2. Great question! I hope someone can give you an answer. If you do not get one, a little bit of legal research should clear that up.

  3. Depends on how "virtual" this office is. Can't be an amorphous non-physical, intangible "floating" office.

    But, there are virtual offices that permit companies to rent space for a fancy Madison Avenue/Wall St/etc. address, provide phone answering and offer conference rooms at a very affordable rate.

    So to answer your question, at least in NY, my law firm's virtual office IS our PPOB, as listed in all our corporate documents. For more detail, I would need to know more about the nature of your business and would strongly suggest you seek out and consult a California attorney on the matter.

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  4. Yes - any real street address, even one for a virtual office, suffices.

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