Can I use my joint account with my mother for items she owes other then medical bills. We have had this

Elderly Abuse was filed on my daughter who my sick mom was staying with. I have lived with her for at least 20 years and have done all her banking. Now Elderly Abuse says I can only use her SS money for medical bills. I cosigned two loans for her and she has separate credit card bills. I have used her money as well as my own to pay for these bills. They have a hearing coming up to take over as payee for my mom. Is she responsible for the bills I cosigned for that are not medical and will they pay me for these bills.

Akron, OH -

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

Sit down with a local elder law attorney to formulate a game plan

David J. McCormick

David J. McCormick

Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect Lawyer - Milwaukee, WI

You need to talk with a local elder law attorney ASAP before the hearing.

Good luck.

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