Can I use an L1 visa to travel to the US only for a week or two for some business work?

Asked over 1 year ago - Houston, TX

The business work is related but it is not to the T exactly the job I will be doing when I officially land and stay for a long period of time (1 year) using the L1 visa. However since the visa was granted for numerous entries, can I use it to go to the US for a week or two and then come back (Argentina)? Or do I need to apply for an B1/B2 visa?

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I must add that the L1 visa is already approved and stamped in my passport whereas I would need to apply (and pay) for the B1/B2 visa.

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  1. Tripti Sharad Sharma


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    Answered . I would go the other way around and use B1/B2 to do business and the other personal venturing.

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  2. Giacomo Jacques Behar


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    Answered . The activities you are proposing is not what the L-1 visa was meant for. All the business activities you are mentioning are classical B-1 visit purposes.

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  3. Todd Matthew Heine

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    Answered . We would need to know specifics on the types of work you are describing. If you are from a waiver country, the business visit visa will likely suffice and won't take much work.

    If you are working here for a week or two, then enforcement action is less than likely. That said, it would be a pity to get in trouble with the immigration authorities and mess up your L1 status if you got caught working outside the scope of that visa. In all likelihood, you can probably comply with minimal effort.

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  4. Luca Cristiano Maria Melchionna

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    Answered . My recommendation is that you should apply for a B1. If you speak with an immigration attorney he/she will tell you the average issuing time. We have attorneys from Argentina in our firm. Feel free to take contact with our firm. Best.

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