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Can I use a Prayer for Judgement for a charge of theft?

Wilmington, NC |

I took $30 out of the cash register at work because I was short on my rent payment, and was caught on camera and fired before I put it back. I am a good kid, and I have never been in trouble before. If I'm convicted, am I allowed to use a prayer of judgement ruling?

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Only a Judge can grant a PJC. It is not automatic if you request it. Typically, a Judge will not grant these on a case such as this unless you have done something to show remorse and show that you have learned from it. The better route to go would be a deferred prosecution if you are able to. The best way to get either would be to hire an attorney or apply for a court appointed attorney. Don't expect a PJC on this if you are trying to do this yourself. Best of luck!

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Yes, you need judicial intervention.


Are you charged with misdemeanor larceny(misdemeanor) or larceny by employee (felony)? You may be eligible for a PJC , however it is in the judge's discretion. Additionally, a PJC does little to help you in this situation, as it is still a conviction and will still show up on criminal record checks. you should try to get into a deferred prosecution program, which would enable you to keep your record clean. contact an attorney for more information.

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