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Can I try to fix a sentence I was unaware of?

Danbury, CT |
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I was arrested for multiple charges and I was sentenced to 15 yrs e/s after 7 years 5yrs probation which it says on my mitimus now my jail time was non violent but I served 65%because of the gun charges my underlining charge was sale of hallucinogen but my probation is violent they put a assault in the 2nd with a weapon as my underlining probation charge which I was in aware of until I violated with my probation they gave me 8 years can I get my paper work back in court also my transcripts do not say that my probation would be violent nor did my lawyer tell me that

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The decision on how to treat an inmate is up to the board of pardons and parole; and they can look at other convictions in one's past.

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You have two options. 1). Pursue sentence review. It can be explained to you in prison by your counselor. Getting a sentence reduced through the Sentence Review Panel is very difficult and can lead to a greater sentence being imposed if the judges determine the sentence you agreed to was too lenient. 2). Hire an attorney to attempt to get the state to agree to a sentence modification. Also, very difficult. Sentence modification requires the prosecutor's consent if the sentence exceed three years and most prosecutors are unwilling to revisit old convictions. That being said, I personally have succeeded in getting sentences modified and I know of other attorneys who have as well.

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