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Can I travel within the United States if I only have a valid Mexican passport, Mexican Consulate, and a college photo ID card?

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I want to take a flight to El Paso Texas, but I am afraid of getting deported. Many friends that are in the same situation have traveled and stated that it is secure but I am not sure.

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  1. Generally speaking as long as you have a valid passport you should be able to travel within the US. It is best to consult an immigration attorney.

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  2. Now, you omit the most crucial information here. Are you in the United States in any valid legal status?
    If no, then you may be legally apprehended at any U.S. airport and even detained in a federal facility as any U.S. airport is a federal territory with federal agents who enforce the immigration law and check and detain aliens upon certain encounters.

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  3. You definitely can travel with a VALID national passport. The overwhelming majority of airports across the US being international and in case not, nevertheless there is a constant stream of international passengers (even flying to Podunk, Iowa) regularly standing in TSA security lines with the picture page of their passports out and being routinely waived through, you have nothing to worry about. Most TSA agents don't like to dwell too long on foreign passports (has stuff written on it in a foreign language they cannot comprehend, makes them feel uncomfortable and even inadequate) . All they care to look at is to see if the picture on the passport and the individual standing in front of them are one and the same, and occasionally on the name. "Have a good flight, Ms. Arrelano" you might hear. Up until now it has never, at least to my knowledge, occurred to any TSA agent to take a deep look inside a passport and look if the person has a "visa" and if it's still valid. They don't want to know about that "stuff" anyway. They leave that to "those guys from immigration", meaning the CBP inspectors at the airport. Those two agencies (TSA & CBP) understand each other very well and thus try to stay out of each other's way. They hardly ever communicate, unless an emergency of some sort arises. Thus, if you are willing to take any perceived risk you think there is a be bold about it, you definitely can travel on your national passport. Millions of international visitors (and as I suspect many non-visitors who are here to stay) are doing it every day. I don't think you'll be an exception. Have a good trip!

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  4. If you are not in valid status, it cannot be done risk free.

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