Can I travel to South America with NY ACD and NJ Conditional Discharge.

I was put in the Conditional Discharge program in NJ for a simple MJ case (6months). I also have a ACD in NY for the same thing (1 year). I was planning to travel to South America for spring break and was wondering if this can be an obstacle. I am a U.S. citizen with no other issues. Do I need to carry court documents with me? Thanks

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Eric Edward Rothstein

Eric Edward Rothstein

Criminal Defense Attorney - New York, NY

If you area as citizen you will not have aproblem re-entering the US. As for entering South America I suggest you call their Embassy. If the ACD is still open that means it has not been dismissed and some countries don't let people in with open cases. I have had clients get turned away by Canada with open cases.

I am a former federal and State prosecutor and now handle criminal defense and personal injury/civil rights cases.... more
Joseph A Lo Piccolo

Joseph A Lo Piccolo

Criminal Defense Attorney - Garden City, NY

It should not be an issue

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Jayson Lutzky

Jayson Lutzky

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Bronx, NY

Should be okay, but double check with an immigration attorney.

For further information you should see an attorney and discuss the matter completely. If you are in the New York... more

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