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Can I travel overseas right after naturalization interview (before the oath)?

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My interview is on 4/9/09 and I'm thinking about traveling on 4/10/09. Friends told me I will have no document/ ID to travel with? Is that true? what can I do to be able to travel? Thanks a lot!

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After the interview and before the oath, you will still have your non-US passport and your permanent residency card. You can travel internationally and return to the USA as a permanent resident with that documentation. You do not become a US citizen until you swear the oath. Do not miss the ceremony.



I heard on interview they take the green card back. So, you need to ask uscis how to travel outside with no greencard because when back to us port, they need you to carry a doc/gc to allow you in

Michael Harold Sharon

Michael Harold Sharon


They do not take the green card until they give you your naturalization certificate. At that time you will need to get a US passport to travel internationally.


Some CIS offices have an oath ceremony right after the interview, on the same day. You should find out if this will happen for you. If it does, and you cannot postpone the oath, you would have a problem travelling because you won't yet have a US passport. CIS will take the green card from you at the swearing-in, because you are no longer a permanent resident. You need to apply for a US passport ASAP after the swearing-in.


You will need to check if your travel will present issues for your continuous presence requirement for naturalization. Most people do not travel outside the US enough that a few more weeks of international travel would affect their naturalization eligibility. However, some people do travel internationally a lot and may no longer qualify for naturalization if they are outside the US a few additional weeks.

The time needed to get a US passport apparently is not as long as it was last year. With expedited service, a passport may be able to be obtained in a few weeks or even sooner.


If you are able to arrange international travel to take place between your naturalization interview and your swearing-in ceremony without jeopardizing the continuous presence requirement, be sure to bring copies of your entry/exit stamps in your foreign passport with you to the swearing-in ceremony so that you can present them if asked to do so.

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