Can I travel out of the country with a DWI on my record?

Asked over 1 year ago - Southfield, MI

I was convicted of DWI in 2007 and at that time I was told I cannot travel to Canada unless I pay a fee to the Canadian government. Is this true? I was also wondering if I have any travel restrictions to any other countries or continents. If I have any restrictions, how long do they last?

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  1. Frank B. Ford


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    Answered . It is my understanding that after five years from the end of your probation, you can apply to the Canadian government for rehabilitation, which does involve payment of a fee. In theory, you cannot enter Canada with a drunk driving conviction before that time, and until they are satisfied that you are "rehabilitated." I have heard of people getting into Canada for work purposes earlier, but I have never seen anything substantiating that. I do not have any information as to any other countries. You may want to contact a lawyer in Windsor.

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  2. Macy Michelle Jaggers


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    Answered . Traveling out of the US is not the problem. As you have learned, it is traveling into the other countries that can be difficult. It is up to each specific country whether they grant you admittance, so you would have to contact any country you were planning on traveling to directly.

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  3. Douglas Holbrook

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    Answered . Yes, some people have been turned away for a prior DUI, which the Canadian Government apparently takes pretty seriously. It depends upon what they ask you, because some individuals have not been questioned and have gone right through. Some, in the face of being turned away due to a prior DUI, have been able to pay a $240.00 rehabilitation fee. It is apparently a bit dicey up at those border crossings!

  4. Aaron Jeffrey Boria


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    Answered . You would have to contact the country you are traveling to and see what the policy is.

    In regards to Canada I believe I can make it so that you will not get jammed up any more.

    Call my firm if interested 734-453-7806

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