Can i transfer my netpay from my fake social security number to my new social security number

i got approved for DACA and i have received my new social security number. In the past years i have worked with a Fake social number, and have done my taxes with my ITIN number. is there a way that i can transfer my net pay from the beginning of the year to my new social security number? i already talked to my boss and he changed my social security number on my paycheck.

Stockton, CA -

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Thomas Carter O'Brien

Thomas Carter O'Brien

Social Security Lawyers - Marietta, GA

You will probably want to post this question in the Immigration Law Q&A (and perhaps Criminal Law) section for more succinct answers. The attorney that helped you get DACA should be able to advise you on this, but I would recommend proceeding carefully, since DACA rights appear to be fairly fragile with regard to being convicted of crimes (like using a false SSN). I am attaching a link to the U.S. Code that is on point with the use of a false SSN. I wish you good luck, but I would recommend proceeding carefully with the assistance of local counsel if you are attempting to assess the risks of getting credit for work previously done under a false SSN.

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