Can I transfer divorce case to another court?

MY case is currently filed at LA downtown court. I just found out my jurisdictional for family law could also be Pasadena ,CA. Can I transfer my case Pasadena to complete my divorce. I am currently waiting for my court trial date which is on August 21st.

Pasadena, CA -

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Christopher William Zander

Christopher William Zander

Family Law Attorney - Newport Beach, CA

You will have to file a motion to change the venue. If you have a trial date you have already made a general appearance in the matter. It would have been best to challenge the venue prior to filing your petition or response. It will be very difficult for you to change the venue. I would focus more on preparing for the trial.

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Steven Curtis Gnau

Steven Curtis Gnau

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - San Diego, CA

Yes, you can transfer your case to another court where venue and jurisdiction are appropriate. You will have to file a noticed motion and argue why the case should be moved (or file a stipulation-to-order if the opposition is willing). Another question might be - should you? If your spouse has responded to the LA case, then your spouse may oppose the motion to transfer the case causing delay and expense. Moreover, if successful with the motion, your matter will be moved to the back of the line in Pasadena - again causing delay and expense. This is especially true if one side of the divorce is paying for both legal fees. For related information, you may want to see our website by clicking on the line below,

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