Can I terminate the parental rights of my child's non-custodial parent?

I have had full custody of my four year old daughter since her father abandoned us and we divorced in February, 2007. His wear-abouts are unknown. He does not pay court ordered child support and has made no attempt to contact our daughter in a year. I would like to terminate his rights and have a living will that states that my older son, age 24, would have custody of my daughter, should anything happen to me. I fear that if something were to happen to me, her father would try to get her, and given his history, this would be dangerous for her.

Troy, AL -

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Bryan Blackwell

Bryan Blackwell

Social Security Lawyers - Dothan, AL

You can file to have his parental rights terminated in either juvenile or circuit court in Pike County. Please call my office at 334-678-7780 if you would like to discuss this further.

Bryan Blackwell
Dothan/Enterprise, AL

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