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Can I take someone to Small Claims, as I cannot afford a copyright attorney, whom knocked my copyright product off?

Huntington Beach, CA |
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Another person in the same county had knocked/copied my product down to the "T". Can I take her to Small Claims, eventhough it is a federal offense? I cannot pay for a copyright attorney presently.

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Exclusive jurisdiction on copyright matters rests with the federal court, by statute.

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If you're suing for copyright infringement then no, you can't go through small claims court. While I have heard of at least one case where someone successfully secured a judgment for infringement through small claims I'm sure that case has been appealed and overturned by now and if you're trying to save money the last thing you want to get involved in is an appeal. Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction over copyright claims.

Have you been in contact with the infringing party? Even if you can't pay to take the case to court you may be able to get this person to stop with a simple cease and desist letter drafted by an attorney.

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