Can i take one of my teachers to court?

i had a class where i had an A bit the last week of finals he gave me an F. For part of my class class i had to personal train a client which was a teacher for a university. i told him that i needed to meet with him 12 times and we only meet 4 times. my client who is a teacher told me dont worry ive already talked to your teacher and he knows i cant meet you for the full 12 times. my client told me that he talked to my professor and he knows my situation and your grade will not be affected by it. so i took his word and at the end of the semester my teacher failed me because he didnt know about my clients situation. My client is a professor also and he lied to me about talking to my professor. can i take him to court for being a liar since he said he talked to my other professor about it?

Minneapolis, MN -

Attorney Answers (2)

Christian Ryan Peterson

Christian Ryan Peterson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Anoka, MN

The short answer is no. You can't sue someone just for being a liar.

J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Anybody can sue anyone for anything. You, however, cannot win such a lawsuit.

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