Can i take it to court? If so on what grounds should i build my case on?PLEASE HELP ME.

I need help rite now. I was receiving help from the government for a whole year up until recently when i had to do my usual 6 month reinstatement process. Nothing has changed on my end as far as what i needed to be approved."in other words i should be approved". To make a long story short i did the usual procedure at the end of this last 6 months. they sent me a letter in the mail saying that i have been approved again. Exactly two days later i received another letter of the same type but this one said that i have not been approved, and the reason being is because I have a felony drug distribution charge back in 2008. "Which i don't have". I also have proof documents stating that.I'm also still trying figure if that was the case then why approve me up until December 19, 2012? PLEASE HELP

Fredericksburg, VA -

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

A local lawyer can help remove it.

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Carmine John Giardino

Carmine John Giardino

General Practice Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

If something is on your record that shouldn't be there, a lawyer can help you get it removed.

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