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Can I sue this dealership?

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I bought a used Toyota Camry from NISSAN AT THE AVENUES with 100k miles on it. It was out of warranty and sold as is with no prior accidents or anything, "reported". However we later found out that the car had been involved in an accident. Well now 5k miles later the engine died out. It was not low on oil and it didn't overheat. Reason, I was sold a weak engine. Considering we still owe the bank over 10k on this and the repair damage is 7k we don't know what can we do in this situation?

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Most dealers will know within 5 minutes or less if the vehicle is a prior wreck and they will also check out the condition of the engine, so, to think it was just bad luck for you is not wise. Find a local consumer protection attorney here:


You may have a case for fraud, but I really need to know what representations were made, when they were made, who was present, the details and date/time of all communications with the car dealer, any finance company or any repair shop relating to your potential matter. It is very important that you also provide a chronological copy of the relevant documents including but not limited to any advertisements that may pertain to your vehicle, any documents you obtained from the dealership, finance company or repair shop.

Ordinarily, you should not get the car repaired unless and until it has been inspected by your expert and the other side has been given a significant opportunity to inspect the car as well. Otherwise, you may be subject to a defense that you spoiled the evidence.

Here are some car buying tips:

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