Can I sue the detergent companies for getting sick from the smell of their product and my eyes also buring from the chemical ?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Aurora, IL

have contacted proctor and Gamel and told them . do not use these products . I ahve to use purfume and dye free products . My kids come home from school smelling like this stuff their clothes ,Hair ,backpack . I literally get sick from the smell and my eyes burn and itch like crazy .

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  1. Paula Brown Sinclair

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    Answered . The flip answer is that anyone can sue anyone for anything (which is not exactly true, by the way) but what you really want to know is whether you have any chance of success in such a legal action. The answer is clearly no. As a plaintiff you must prove a direct relationship between the action of the defendant and your damages, that the defendant has done something it shouldn't and that it has caused your damages. Be aware that frivolous lawsuits are punished with attorney fee awards against the plaintiff.

    You really need to look for other solutions for your discomfort.

    Best wishes for an outcome you can accept, and please remember to designate a best answer.

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  2. Randy William Ferguson

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    Answered . Proctor and gamble is worried about money more than anything else. I have a two year client who died from one of their products, and they have done nothing to prevent it from happening again. You can sue, but you do not have enough damages to make it worth your time.

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  3. Eric Lechtzin

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    Answered . As the other lawyers stated, it doesn't sound like you have sufficient damages to justify bringing an individual lawsuit against P&G. However, if one could prove scientifically that P&G is manufacturing and distributing a defective and dangerous product, then it could be the basis for a class action lawsuit. This is because damages to a large number of purchaser/users of this product, in aggregate, could justify bringing suit. If you really think you have been harmed and that the product is defective and dangerous, you should consult with a class action lawyer to evaluate your case. Avvo is a great place to find such lawyers.

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