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Can I sue the city of Olympia, WA because I fell on a pothole/cracked sidewalk and had to get 16 stitches in my knee?

Olympia, WA |

I was walking from a Shell gas station back across the street to work and I tripped/fell on some uneven, cracked concrete, not sure if it was the Shell's property or the City's but I got 2 big gashes in my knee, one of which I will forever feel. I ended up getting 16 stitches and needing crutches.

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Sorry about your fall. We all hope you have a speedy recovery. That being said this will be a difficult case to bring. Whether it is the city's property or Shell's property that will say that you should be more careful where you step. In order to recovery you will have to establish that the property owner did something wrong and that they are responsible for your fall. You should consult with an attorney. I would recommend you getting pictures of where you fell before having a free consultation with an attorney... Good Luck..


You have the right to make a claim against the one responsible for maintaining a safe walkway, whether it is the City of Olympia or the Shell station, under state statutes and local municpal codes.

Making a claim against a city in Washington State requires submission of a claim form, which you can get from the Washington State website.

There are time limits involved in making injury claims, especially against governmental entities, so I recommend speaking with an attorney in your area as soon as possible to get specific answers regarding your circumstances. There are many listed on AVVO that can help.


There are many factors involved. Consult with a local personal injury attorney ASAP


You may have a claim against the city and the property owner. take pictures of the hole and go see an attorney.

This response does not create a lawyer client relationship. Each case is determined on its specific facts and this reply is intended for a general audience and facts particular to your case may affect the answer. Consult with an attorney in person for specific answers to your questions.


Contact one of the above lawyers in your state to investigate.


These other good attorneys have touched on almost all of the things you should do. I would just like to emphasize how important it is for you to get pictures of the sidewalk where you fell BEFORE whoever owns it fixes the problem, which they are likely to do if you have informed them of your injuries.

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