Can I sue the City of Dallas for sending me a traffic citation and the picture of the car is clearly not mine.

The picture is clearly of another vehicle than mine. It ticked me off and now I have to take time from running my business to deal with this crap and possibly show up to court. I just think being wrongly accused and using false evidence should be penalized but do understand mistakes happen.

Frisco, TX -

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Frances Jean Moss Sullivan

Frances Jean Moss Sullivan

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Austin, TX

In order to sue the City, you need to be able to show what damages you incurred. Additionally, there is a level of immunity given to government entities that typically protects them in situations like this. You can make a complaint about the incident and present the information to show you are innocent of the violation. If you would like more specific advice about your circumstances and the likelihood of prevailing in suing the City, you should consult a local attorney.

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David Christopher Hardaway

David Christopher Hardaway

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Marcos, TX

I know it's frustrating, and you will probably have to go to court and show the picture to the prosecutor. If it's clearly not your car then they should dismiss the charge. It will be an inconvenience, but I don't think that the City would waive it's governmental immunity over such a suit. Like you said, mistakes happen and the level of damage should be a couple of hours of your time. There should be an easy enough fix for it though.

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