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Can i sue the body shop for negligence?

Newport News, VA |

Hi my car was in an accident, the front suspension stuff was messed up. I took it to a body shop to get fixed and 3 weeks later I finally got my car back and the oil light was on. Also while driving on the interstate I heard a loud noise and my engine sound like it was shaking to the point I couldn't brake. I had my whole family in the car, thankfully we were not injured. I had to get my car towed home and my car been sitting in my driveway ever since. I called the body shop they got my car towed back to the shop for free; find out it was a worn tie rod, and struts. So basically they didn't tell me the tie rod was worn when they did two alignments on my car the day before. Also they never got my oil light off! I’m frustrated I’ve been without my car for a month, what can I do?

When the body shop found the worn tie rod they said its not related to the accident and told me it was safe to drive home with a worn tie rod. They wouldn't pay for the towed back to my home because i didn't feel safe driving it. They told me i could drive it home myself, I said no and paid to get my car towed home.

Attorney Answers 5

  1. Complain to your insurance adjuster or lawyer (if you have one) and demand that it have fixed correctly. You have the right to have you car returned as much as possible to pre accident condition.

  2. You can always go to small claims court but your insurer may be able to prevail on them

  3. Small claims court.

  4. Small claims court is the best bet.

  5. Methinks small claims court is the jurisidiction for you.

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