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Can I sue Taser International for long-term effects? Personal Injury/product liability.

Atlanta, GA |

In 2007 I was tasered 7 times by police, by both probes and drive-stuns to the chest and neck. I plead no contest to the charges, ultimately, and adjudication was withheld. I've since seen Doctors regularly for recurring pain, muscle issues, and a broken rib. I've never been able to live without this enduring pain on my right side (shoulder, neck, ribs, stomach, bicept, etc.). The pain and lack of strength has cost me jobs, careers, etc. After this initially happened, nobody had successfully brought suit agains Taser. But looking into things it seems as if there have been several cases recently that have prevailed. I have pictures, plenty of medical records, and just need someone who can either point me in the right direction or represent me for this matter.

well, thanks for the advice! sad that the SOL has passed. if i die from my arrhythmia, i guess my Mrs. is just s-o-l.

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    Your two year statute of limitations has probably expired

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  2. The statute of limitation is 2 years.

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  3. It appears your time to file suit has expired.

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  4. Anyone can sue for anything. You need to see a very good PI lawyer (not ones who solicit or have TV advertisements during Judge Judy). Part of the discussion will no doubt be what you did that led to being tased 7 times.

  5. As other responses have pointed out, it looks like you've missed the statute of limitations to bring an action. That said, I was involved in a Taser related case a number of years ago. Taser International is extremely aggressive in defending suits brought against them, so you would certainly have your hands full trying to sue them and I would guess that proving that the long term effects of being tasered caused your condition would be extremely expensive, as far as experts, etc.. Also, there is a lot of information online about controversies related to the use of Tasers that you still might want to tap into, and even share your story with organizations that oppose the use of Tasers...

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  6. to much time has passed since then, and the statute of limitations has probably expired.

  7. Sadly, as my colleagues said, the statute of limitation is 2 years, your time to file a suit has expired.

  8. You have missed the statue of limitations cut-off for product liability suits in Ga. which is 2 years.

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