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Can I sue Starbucks for denying access to my electronic Wage Stubs and demanding more than I was paid in overpayment reimbursemt

Olympia, WA |

I worked for Starbucks in WA state for approx 4 months. I was a Salaried Asst. Manager and gave proper notice. I realized that I was still being paid a month after I voluntarily terminated. I reported their error on 4/11/14 and was immediately denied access to my pay stubs, benefits online portal- everything. On 5/8 I received a letter with an excel spreadsheet demanding I repay $3754.90. I was only overpaid $1576.58. I have sent emails, letters and made phone calls and no one will respond to answer my questions. Additionally, I discovered the problem when renewing my WA State Childcare subsidy and it was denied because they said Starbucks was still reporting that they were paying me. Now I have no childcare subsidy and Starbucks is trying to make me repay much more than they paid.

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Keep disputing. Take everything from them in writing. Document every contact. Push your position hard and if they deny, pursue a legal action. With under $5,000 at issue, you can file a small claim and represent yourself. Good luck!

My answer is just my thought about your question, and not legal advice because you and I do not have an attorney-client relationship, which may begin only if we both sign a retainer agreement. Other lawyers may analyse your situation differently. Also, the answer may be different in your state. Be aware that I may not be licensed in your state. I am only licensed in Washington and Idaho. Be aware that my areas of practice may not cover your question. I practice Debt Settlement, Business, Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, Contracts, Real Estate Transactions, IRS, 501(c)3, State Departments: Labor and Industries, Employment Security, Revenue, Licensing.

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