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Can I sue someone for giving out my social security and personal information?

San Jose, CA |

I'm closing on a property and the title company sent my loan documents to the wrong email address. The documents contain my social security number, birthdate, salary, pretty much every piece of personal financial information on me. This was sent to someone with essentially the same name as me. Do I have any legal recourse against the company for mishandling my information? Short of changing all my personal info, I think I may need to enroll in an identity protection service. Can I sue them for the cost of this? If I use this service for the rest of my life are they responsible for the entire cost?

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You know exactly who the information was mistakenly sent to, and it was one person (assuming the wrong email address was a good address), so there's not much reason to panic. One good preventative move would be to put a "fraud alert" on your credit report - please see the link below. if there's a charge for this, ask the title company that made the mistake to pay for it.

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