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Can I sue Public Storage for false advertising?

Portland, OR |

I was promised a free months rent which I never received and they cut my lock off my storage unit for non payment of rent which did not occur.

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Based on the limited facts you've presented, it's POSSIBLE that you have a claim against the company for false advertising. Moreover, you may also have a claim for breach of contract. That said, it will likely depend on the terms of your contract with them and the actions of you and the storage company. Without knowing more, it's difficult to say whether you have a case.

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Well, I agree that it is possible that you could have a false advertising claim but a variety of other possible claims come to mind as well - and they might be easier to prevail on, depending upon your exact set of facts. Assuming you rented to store personal goods as opposed to business or commercial goods, then you MIGHT have an Unfair Trade Practices Claim (UTPA), for example. The nice thing about it, if you have one, is that they have to pay your reasonable attorneys fees if you win but you do not have to pay theirs if you lose. THAT gives you tremendous leverage in bargaining for a settlement - even if they win, it will still cost them thousands of dollars to defend. All this heavily depends on the exact facts, terms in the contract, the advertisement, etc. The only way to sort it all out to see if you may have a case is for you to review it all with a local landlord-tenant or contracts attorney. Gather all the papers and bring them to the lawyer for analysis. There are several of us in the Portland area and all would be happy to review and advise you of what we see as your options, the likelihood of your prevailing, and the anticipated costs. After that, you decide what, if anything, you'd like to do. Give one of us a call or send an email to make an appointment. Good luck.

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