Can I sue PNC for emotional & financial stress by saying that PNC ill not approve any loans w/o having a credit score of 680

I have 3 accouts with PNC, My mortgage, personal & business. In the 2008 fiancial crisis, my credit score took a dive by opening more cards or trying for a consolidation loan, since then I have worked on paying down or off. I asked my branch manager over the yrs to see what needs to happen to get more credit worthy to unfreeze my equity line or use the equity in my vehicle. She said that they will not approve anything w/o a score of 680 or better, Now 2012, over the past 4 yrs, I have heard the same response, as much as I tried I could not get over 660. I started looking at other banks, and yes they pulled my score, but my debt to income was still too much for the approval, finally someone said PNC has to work with you because they own the loans. I went back and was denied for too many inq

Virginia Beach, VA -

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Ruth Elaine McMahon

Ruth Elaine McMahon

Business Attorney - Bradenton, FL

It is more likely than not that you could not prevail in a lawsuit against PNC. It would only cost you money to hire an atttorney and proceed with litigation. Banks have rules they must follow. In the past banks loaned money to unqualified persons and that is one reasons why we had a recession. If you want a definitive answer, consult an attorney in Virginia Beach.

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