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Can I sue or petition a class action lawsuit against the site, if I was the victim and not the one arrested, in NC?

Lattimore, NC |

This website has all the information correct except the fact that I was not arrested. I was the victim of a credit card scam from Facebook. This site wants money to have the information removed even if it is wrong. This site has my address for all to see. What can I do?

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    I agree that you probably don't need a class action suit. I am not sure if would be considered a member of the media, but the media is protected from suits for libel if what they report is "substantially" accurate. It sounds like they got the story very wrong, and you may have a claim. Print copies of what is on the website now and save them electonically, and save any evidence of any damages that result from this, such as if your employer has an issue with this or anything else happens. Consider consulting an attorney in your area to discuss a possible libel and defamation suit, and to get immediate assistance in having the information taken down.

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  2. Your problem does not sound like it is suitable for treatment as a class action unless the web site has published many photos of crime victims, but incorrectly depicted or identified them as the perpetrators of the alleged crimes.

    That said, if the site has falsely represented you as the alleged perpetrator of a crime rather than the victim, then you may have a viable individual cause of action for defamation. Being accused of a cime is certainly something that would harm your reputation, and in many jurisdictions it is considered slander per se -- meaning that you can recover compensatory damages even if you cannot prove that the defamatory statements caused you actual economic loss.

    You should immedaitely consult with a lawyer in your state who is experienced in litigating defamation claims to see if you can bring a case.

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