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Can I sue my wife for adultry and emotional distress if I have proof?

Augusta, GA |

My wife cheated on me while I was in the military. She got pregnant and had a little girl with the person she was cheating with.

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You can sue your wife for divorce, and use the fault grounds of adultery. However, there is no separate cause of action for the adultery. You also need to resolve the issue of the child. Since you were married to her when the child was born, the law presumes that you are the father. The court will expect you to support the child unless you overcome that legal presumption with actual proof, such as a DNA test.

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You cannot sue your wife for emotional distress or adultery. You can sue for divorce.

You will want a skilled lawyer, as that child now is presumed yours (meaning you must pay support). That issue HAS to be resolved in your divorce.

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she stays with the guy that she got pregnant by and he signed the birth certificate,is the child still presemed mines,even though we are seperated and not living together?


There is no civil cause of action for adultery. Though this is a crime under Georgia law, you would be hard pressed to find a district attorney willing to pursue the charges. Thus, you cannot sue for adultery.

Cheating does not qualify for a claim for emotional distress.

You can, and probably should, file a complaint for divorce.

You can, and absolutely should, pursue an order establishing that you are NOT the father of your wife's daughter (thus terminating your current obligation to support the child).

Good luck moving on from here.

~ Kem Eyo

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There is not a separate cause of action in Georgia for adultery, however, it is a criminal offense in Georgia. But I don't think you would be able to find a prosecutor that would be willing to charge your wife with the crime of adultery! Your question does not indicate that you want to file for a divorce from your wife.

If divorce is something that you are considering, adultery is a ground for divorce. Also, in the divorce you could address the issue of the child. In Georgia, there is a presumption that a child born when the mother is married is the child of the husband. You would need to address the issue of NOT being the child's biological father in order to defeat a claim for Child Support. If your wife claims the child is yours, a DNA test will be necessary in order to prove you are not the biological father.

If divorce is not an option for you, I would suggest that you take action to address the issue of paternity of the child in order for you to protect yourself from a claim for child support in the future. I would advise you in either case to retain a qualified and competent Divorce/Family Law attorney in your area to address these complicated issues. I hope this information has been helpful. Good luck!

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