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Can I sue my university? If so on what grounds?

New York, NY |

I applied for financial aid to pay for school. I filled out the form online, how ever I stated my income incorrectly. I went to the school the next day and filled out the proper forms to correct the mistake. The school did not mail this letter and as a result I was banned from receiving funding, however by the time I was informed of this it was too late to receive a refund of my courses. I was then sent to collections and my credit was damaged. My issue here is I did everything I was supposed to do and have proper documentation to prove it. I even recorded them admitting they made this mistake and that they would fix it. Also this letter I wrote can only be sent through them (the university) . I am personally not allowed to mail it, so there was no option to circumvent the school

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  1. You can file a lawsuit for just about anything so the question is whether you will win. Some grounds might include breach of contract for failure to have a competent financial aid correct process, or tort for failing to correct false information submitted to a government entity after learning that is was false. Do you have proof you submitted the letter to the school for mailing?

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