Can I sue my step grandmother's estate for the remainder of the proceedings received from the sale of my biol grandparents home?

Asked 12 months ago - Rockville, MD

My biological grandmother built a home for her family back in 1948. She passed away in 1959 leaving the home to my grandfather. My grandfather remarried in 1961 and passed away in 1991 stipulating in his will that the home was to be passed down to his 2 older grandchildren after the death of his second wife. His 2nd wife amended her will in 2000 stipulating that the home was to be given to my father & uncle (both deceased) upon her passing. A self appointed legal guardian & family member sold the home placing the proceeds in an account in my step grandmother's name and place her in a assisted living facility after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's knowing the home was not to be sold for any reason. She recently passed away with the monetary holdings going to her family members

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  1. Richard S Sternberg


    Contributor Level 8


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    Answered . It sure sounds like you've missed the statute of limitations on filing anything, but the best bet is to review the facts, the titles, and the wills with a competent lawyer. A thousand bucks on an investigation might be very well-spent money with property prices in and around Rockville.

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  2. Brandy Ann Peeples


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    Answered . Consult an estate/probate litigation attorney.

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  3. Lee Alan Thompson

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    Answered . Doesn't sound good on the surface but consult an estate attorney. It would worth it to find out.

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