Can I sue my son's girlfriend for wrongful death and the Police for destruction of evidence, negligence, and discrimination?

Asked almost 2 years ago - New York, NY

My son's (black, 29) girlfriend(white, 39) called the police at 5am stating he woke up coughing walked into the bathroom and collapsed dead. The police did not tape off the scene, ask questions, check for prints, or even acknowledge that he'd been dead long before the time she claimed. A rolled marijuana (blunt) was lying on the dining table, the police simply walked pass it. 3 days later I retrieved those drugs and called the detective 20 times with no response, then I emailed him and he was very upset, but came to my home to retrieve it and refused the recorded statement I have of her admitting to lying to the police. The examiner report states Sudden Cardiac Death, Manner of death: undetermined. I believed the police are protecting her because she is white because there is more to this

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Examiner report states my son was dead for over 12 to 8 hours. The Detective said he did not need her recorded statement because what she did was a misdemeanor, she may have been just scared. People were walking around the house, sitting on the couch, while the police took pictures of my son in the floor. I have reason to believe that they were having a house party, because her home was a party house, they were either doing drugs, or fighting and my son collapsed, people ran and she did not call for help, letting him lie there dead for 12 hours. My son took something that the examiner did not pick up. Would a lawyer be helpful?

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    Answered . Sorry to hear of your loss. Contact an attorney and find out if an autopsy was conducted. Suing a person for wrongful death is not easy. Need to show they are liable and more importantly that she has insurance or assets. If it was a crime, then insurance company may disclaim responsibility.

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    Answered . Consult a lawyer. Generally though you can't sue the police for how they conduct an investigation and you can't sue the girlfriend for wrongful death unless she killed him or failed to get help if she had a duty to do so and the help would have prevented the death.

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    Answered . Call the DA & a local civil rights lawyer.

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    Answered . lawyer might be helpful, but you may want to cotnact the prosecutor's office if you beleive that there was foul play. However, do you think she killed him or this is simply drug abuse where she got rid of the evidence before calling the police.
    It does seem clear that it is likely that your son died from some type of drug abuse. What makes you think that she is responsible? Do you really want to add to the tragedy? What would he have wanted?

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