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Can I sue my slumlord

Charleston, WV |
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I moved in may31st and found out the house was roach and rat infested! June 1st I asked for orkin to come they never came she falsely took police report to section8 stating to many ppl where there and act of domestics violence but she doesn't have police report! She filed eviction and we went to court they ruled n her favor! And she keep deposit can I sue her for my deposit back I have pics and videos of this nasty home and she's taking goverment section 8 HUD money??? Pls help my daughters r scared to live here

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  1. Please note that I am licensed in West Va., but practice in Massachusetts, including in landlord-tenant law. Is this May and June of this year? If so, I am surprised that she could evict you that quickly, and you do not say what the grounds were that she cited. WV, like all states, also has strict rules about how security deposits are to be handled. Since this is Sect. 8 housing, you also had a lease, and I must ask if LL has followed its terms, especially as to such a quick eviction.

    Anyway, I think you need to bring this whole situation to two organizations: 1) Legal Aid of WV to get you the help you need, 922 Quarrier Street, 4th Floor
    Charleston, WV 25301, (304) 343-4481 or (800) 642-8279, Fax (304) 345-5934, and 2) the housing authority (City of Charleston?) that governed this Sect. 8 unit. I think the sole purpose of making these two contacts is to try to get back whatever money you've paid, if all has occurred as you said. As a practical matter and with respect to your daughters being scared to live there, I would not be fighting to stay in this place, just to get your money back if possible. Find another place to live because it doesn't sound like conditions at the apartment will change anythime soon. And if you have indeed been properly and legally evicted, staying won't be an option anyway.

    Please make calls to or go see these two agencies.

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