Can I sue my school or my teacher?

My school got me to attend with false representation. I am about to graduate and just found out my credits are non-transferable because they are not national accredited, which they did represent themselves as in the beginning. I maintain a record of all A's and two B's. My GPA is above 3.7 and has been. The teacher I am currently taking has been denying all my assignments and I now have an F in his class. It is the last class I have to take to graduate, and I requested to take it online because my job schedule. The school denied my request. Now I am suffering the consequences. One of the B's I received was from the same teacher I have now. I have avoided taking his courses because of his past discrimination against me. He is ruining my record for no logical reason.

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Stephen Clark Harkess

Stephen Clark Harkess

Bankruptcy Attorney - Wheat Ridge, CO

You can sue anyone for any thing at any time. However, that doesn't mean you can win.

You mght be able to make out a colorable claim against the school if you can prove that the school represented itself as nationally accredited when it was not. Do you have anything showing this false representation? Advertisements? Letters? Anything else you could show to the Court to establish that such a representation was made?

As for suing the teacher, you are unlikley to get very far. The school has no obligation to allow you to take a class online. If you are not getting credit for assignments that you ahve turned in, have you contacted the dean or other school officials to determine what the problem is?

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

Grades are always a matter of opinion. You think your work is good; the grader doesn't. It's in the nature of the relationship that the grader's opinion is the one that is recorded and reported. Courts will not intervene in these assessments of student work. Use your school's internal administrative appeals processes.

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