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Can I sue my school for vandalism done to my car in a campus parking lot?

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Someone hit and then vandalized my car while it was parked in my dorm parking lot. I want to know if I would be successful in suing the university for failure to protect my property. I pay to park in this lot, and there are supposed to be campus pd patrolling the lot.Also the lighting in the parking lot is poor.

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Report the incident to campus police but I'm certain you signed a waiver when you paid for your parking permit.

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Even if you signed a contract waiving damages, these are not a defense to a tort claim for negligence in some states. Also, waivers are strictly construed. Some states allow a cause of action if there is like or similar conduct in the past and the landowner fails to safeguard from those acts thereafter. Call a local attorney to see what the law is in your state.

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Report it to your insurance company to resolve.

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First, you should report it to Campus police immediately, and then file a claim with your insurance company. Then approach the university with a request for any surveillance they might have. This may shed more light on what happened and you'll be in a better position to evaluate pursuing the University as opposed to the people that caused the damage, if they are identifiable.

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