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Can I sue my parents over psychological problems from a bad childhood, neglect and emotional damage? (Part 3)

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I have lots of visible pysical scars on my arms legs and on my neck from when I was a child because it was left untreated. The scaring looks so ugly. I have also had asthma and eczema since I was a child. I have holes in my arms and white scaring on my arms from scatching all over and over again because of the eczema on my skin was never medicated. I have also had very bad asthma since i was a child. I also suffer from bad depression. I have three little girls who were taken from me because of a false report. I did some research and I would also like to begin a law suit for false allegations. I can proof this people were wrong, i have lots of proof. I have pictures, letters and more. I like to inquire on Penal Code 1117.2 (wrongfully accused and a bunch of lies on the report)

11172,I was forced to deal with false allegations of neglect and some. I wanted to get my girls back ASAP and since the court appointed atty said fighting would have been a long process and i would not get my girls back fast. I was not able to live with that I just wanted them back and out of the foster home they were in and then away from my father because later I discovered he wanted to take my daughters from me, the father I never knew. I found him through people search. Now I want justice. I have so much proof to prove that this was all false. Before they were taken from me, my daughters were regularly seeing the same doctor since birth. I told the atty about this stuff in writing so many times but it didn't seem to help. The allegations started after a preschool teacher retaliated against me for writing a complaint to Sacramento about her misconduct @ the pre

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  1. Please see my previous answer.

  2. Ms. Johns and I have tried to respond in a helpful fashion. The severity of your distress is quite obvious. Unfortunately the legal system is not well-suited to settling the score for poos child-reading. This may also explain the absence of other responses by other attorneys.

    This answer is offered as a public service for general information only and may not be relied upon as legal advice.

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