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Can I sue my lawyer for misconduct?

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I was being represented in a criminal case. I paid $5k to the attorney and signed an agrrement that he would represent me for that amount. Then he decides that I need another attorney to help him and has me pay this other guy another $2500. Long and behold the other guy demands $2500 more from me or he will withdraw from the case. Well I let him withdraw. Now I take to plea just to get out of the situation and now my attorney is demanding an additional a $5k to represent me in a restitution hearing. Can they do that. Push me here and there and neglect the written contract. Furthermore, he didn;t even show up to the last hearings. He sends another guy to stand in his place cause his leg was broken and he tells me that I need to pay that guy for that. Do I have any recourse?

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I would recommend that you consult confidentially with another attorney regarding the written contract/agreement with your original attorney as well as your discussions with him/her. Unfortunately it will be difficult for anyone to provide you with an opinion without looking at the terms of the written agreement.

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