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Can I sue my Landlord for stolen/damaged property due to Neglect to properly secure my apartment building in Georgia?

Stone Mountain, GA |
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I was "FORCED" out of my apartment by Dekalb County Fire Department, because the building was declared 'codemned".I was not allowed to get all of my property out of the apartment.The Property Manager promised me that the building would be secured by hiring a Security Guard to 'watch' the building.She failed to do that and the resuls was that my apartment was 'broken-into and I had property stolen and damaged.The property manager says that it's not her fault. Is this a case of Negligent Of Security?Also as a result of being forced out, I was dis-placed for 22 days, which the manager only paid for 5 of those days in a motel.Can I sue for the remaing days that I occured the motel expense?

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  1. You may be able to. However an attorney would need a bit more information to be better able to advise you. I would suggest contacting an attorney in your area who will be better able to assist you once you've provided more information. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

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