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Can I sue my landlord for breach of contract, with discrimination claim and health complaints

Bearsville, NY |

I signed a one year Lease in August last year agreeing to pay $1250 a month rent, 75% of electric bills (shared meter was not disclosed), and $300 in fuel cost per month. I was served a 3 day notice the week I moved in and so agreed to pay 1400 back in October. Landlady sent me a month to month lease back then and I signed it albeit not cool about the month to month thing. Then I asked for approval for my son to move in and needed to renovate the attic for him and agreed to pay 1500 back in Feb. When landlady sent me the third lease to refle3ct the new rent I requested a year lease as I had renovated the attic in March! My son moved in in April I paid 100% of the electric bills and when I asked her to pay me the 25% and for the cost of renovating she served with 30 day notice

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