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Can I sue my husband who is divorcing me for intentional infliction of emotional distress for an incident I witnesseed?

Rockledge, FL |

I caught my husband peeping on my 20 year old daughters changing in the bathroom after he had altered the blinds. I suffer severe emotional distress and he has admitted he intended to do it?

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  1. Inform your divorce lawyer who can investigate this matter.

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  2. It is unlikely you would succeed in such a case, but I would contact a local attorney or your divorce attorney about this incident.

    You should retain an attorney to address this issue. The above answer is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. I have provided this answer only based on the information presented in the question. The specific actions or answers to this issue require additional information. The above information and answering this question does not constitute an attorney-client privilege. I am not responsible for any issues, problems or losses from any reliance on this answer and information, and the consequences of such reliance.

  3. may be pretty hard. but possible. sounds like issues in a messy divorce so may be difficult. also, i if this is provible, i would turn him into the district attorney and have him arrested.

  4. Consult a local atty asap. You dont say when this happened, and there are time limits in the law. You dont say if you had to get any medical care or counseling. You may have difficulty proving much in damages. Not sure a jury would be impressed by your damage since it wasnt you that was seen naked. However, you daughters may have claims for invasion of their privacy. Also, some states have criminal laws about this conduct. talk to a lawyer and maybe the police too.

  5. It is unlikely that you have a valid cause of action for emotional distress. In Florida, you typically must first suffer a physical impact or injury before you can make a claim for emotional distress. However, you should discuss this matter with your divorce attorney.

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