Can I sue my former employer and its management team for termination of my employment?

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I was an employee with AT&T mobility and acted as a CWA union steward. During the time I was an employee and steward I witnessed several incidents of customers, who came into our store, and acted in hostile and abusive ways. Some examples are as follows: Screaming obscenities at employees and in the presence of other customers; threatening speech; and physically threatening behavior such as looming and fake rushes towards people to intimidate. I brought this to management's attention on many occasions. I was told that it would need to be discussed in a meeting but when a meeting was requested I was always blown off till about a year later. At this time I told the manager I was calling our ethics hot-line. She sent me home and later terminated me for a "hostile work environment".

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    Answered . The National Labor Relations Act prohibits an employer from firing or otherwise discriminating against an employee who tries to make things better at work for himself or herself AND OTHER EMPLOYEES. This kind of activity, done on behalf of the workers, is protected in exactly the same way that union activity is protected. Both are called "protected concerted activity." You can file an unfair labor practice with the National Labor Relations Board ( for violating your right to engage in activities for the mutual aid and protection of the workers. There is a six month statute of limitation.

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  2. Answered . The National Labor Relations Act prohibits employers from disciplining employees for advocating for employee rights. If you were the shop stewart you should have filed a grievance and or a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. There are strict timelines for filing grievances and complaints, so time is of the essence. Find an employment attorney here on the find an attorney tab as quickly as possible if you haven't blown the timelines already. You could also call the local bar association for a referral.
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Employment law governs employee pay, non-discrimination policies, employment classifications, and hiring and firing at the federal, state, and local levels.

Hostile work environments

Hostile work environments are created when an employee fears or dreads going to work because of harassment, shunning, or other oppressive behaviors.

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