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Can I sue my ex-landlord for slander, harassment, and mental stress, and humiliation

Howell, MI |

My ex-landlord has tried to say that the home I was renting was damaged and that I owed her money for the damage. She has never provided me any proof of this alleged debt owed. I contacted her via text to let her know what my forwarding address was, within the 4 day period. That was our main mode of communication, she was out of state at the time, and we never did a walk through when I left. She did not come back to the area until 10 days after my move out. Though she stated that I did not furnish her with the address, I saw her driving by my new home on numerous occasions. Then she contacted my new land-lord, and attempted to communicate with my room mate, telling them both that I owed her 800.00 and that I damaged the home when I left.

She has also contacted my ex-employer and told them the same thing. This began 6 months ago, and now, though my address was on the small claims document, and I am home, or someone else is at all times, she had me served at a basketball game in which I coach, in front of my entire team.

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I don't see a claim in anything you said. And the 4 day rule requires service BY MAIL. Texting doesn't cut it.

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I'm not seeing a viable claim here.

Lassen Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Philadelphia. Phone 215-510-6755.

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I see no claim.

Boonswang Law Firm 1-877-258-3083

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