Can I sue my ex BF for emotional damamges, common law, deflamamtion or what?I

I dated my bf 6/7 yrs before we lived together...then in 2002 thru 2009 we lived together and shared equally all bills and all items bought. We lived a very comfortable life. I found out items I thought were purchased jointly he changed in his soley his name without my consent. He also procnounced us as being married to our work group. I left him when I found out about the lies of his putting all in his name. I have cleared cks proof of what i pd monthly over the period of these yrs. Can I get any monies back? can I get hm under common law? I feel so raped! In 2011 I also lost my job due to him being close friends w/ my boss. Not only did he humilate me w/broken promises, lies about getting married also my career. Whay am I entitled too?

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Milwaukie, OR

You might have a claim against him for theft, if he paid for things with your money without your consent. If he paid for things using only his money, then that's less likely. I'm afraid it's a little hard to figure out what happened, just based on your writing here.

There's probably no recovery available for the emotional aspects. The courts do not exist to validate our personal feelings. 'Emotional distress' damages are limited to 'extreme and outrageous conduct,' things that 'shock the conscience' of ordinary people. To make these claims, you generally need to show that you suffered serious emotional harm, using the testimony of a therapist or psychologist.

But if your boyfriend took your money or used it to pay for things, you may be entitled to sue him for your losses. You can consult with an attorney who practices in your state to see about that.

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