Can I sue my doctor for revealing private information to my employer?

I owe $98 to my doctor's office for a recent visit. I did not receive my insurance card until the day after I went to see him. His office manager took it upon herself to call my job ( more than once) and informed my employer that I had an overdue balance. When my boss told her I was out of the office the nurse insulted my boss, got loud with her on the phone and was very rude to the point my boss had to hang up on her. Did she break some privacy law and if so what is the next step for me to take for I am not letting her get away with this.

Tampa, FL -

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Michael Herschel Monheit

Michael Herschel Monheit

Personal Injury Lawyer - Rydal, PA

I do not think that a privacy law was violated. It does not sound like they disclosed any information about your medical records.

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

This is not a sound basis for a lawsuit. The medical office has an inartful employee. Most who have to deal with her will simply recognize that she is unskilled and move past it.

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