Can I sue my dentist in small claims court?

I just had my teeth bleached. My teeth are straight and are in good condition. However, on one of my teeth, I had some bonding material to make the tooth look longer, It was a little yellow and I wanted to get it replaced so that it would match the rest of my teeth. My dentist told me I would have to get a cap or a veneer. After he told me the price I said that I would go with the cap. Cap $100.00 veneer $1000.00, He told me that I would end up paying more for cap in the long run and that the veneer would be good for life. I told the denist that I would take the veneer. He never told me that he would have to shave my tooth and he never told me that it would take 2 weeks for the process to be complete. I would never had done this if I knew he was going to take my tooth out. Do I have a case

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Michael W. Clancy

Michael W. Clancy

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Saint Charles, IL

Yes, you can sue your dentist in small claims court. And yes, the failure to inform a patient about the risks and consequences of treatment can form the basis of a claim. I recommend that you at least speak with an attorney before filing the suit, even if you have to pay him or her for their time. They should be able to give you some pointers which will make it more likely that you'll win and keep you from having to hire expensive experts.

I wish you the best of luck.

Michael Clancy
Clancy Law Offices

Salim John Sheikh

Salim John Sheikh

Personal Injury Lawyer - Chicago, IL

I would consult with a Personal Injury attorney.

You can call me at 312-532-8554.

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