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Can I sue my Dentist for malpractice?

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Can I sue my dentist for malpractice? I asked my dentist that my old silver and murcery fillings be removed and replaced with a newer healthier material. He suggested that I also have one of my teeth crowned, I agreed. After the crown was placed and the fillings replaced, he ground down the crown and the fillings so my teeth would fit back together properly. I came back a few days later because the crown was still too high and was uncomfortible. He ground on the crown more and he even ground on my natural teeth. I told him I didnt want him to grind on my teeth any more, he assured me that it was the right thing to do. He began to grind on my natural teeth. He ground them (my back teeth) to the point of sensitivity and even to the point to where now all the pressure is on my front teeth! OUCH. It has caused headaches and now I only chew in one portion of my mouth to prevent discomfort. I feel he should only have ground on the filling material and on the crown. My teeth fit perfectly before I had the work done. It has effected my pleasure of eating and my teeth are now tender to any hot, cold, crunchy and seedy foods, etc.

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The answer is "yes." You may sue him. My advice would be to retain a lawyer to assist you, as it is very complicated suing a healthcare provider. Note that you have one year from the date you first suspected wrongdoing to file your action, or it will be barred by the statute of limitations. Good luck.

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I am sorry to hear about your pain. I also had this happen to me several years ago. Please email me at God bless.

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